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High-Speed Low-Noise Detection

Optical Position Sensor (OPS) Technology

With Maypa OPS technology you can measure the 2D position of an optical beam spot with a linear X- and Y- axes response and unrivalled bandwidth. It provides analogue outputs for the position, the normalized position, and the beam’s intensity with superb performance.

An in depth review of the Maypa OPS principle is published in Review of Scientific Instruments.

Review of Scientific Instruments, Vol 82, 19 July 2011. High speed two-dimensional optical beam position detector.

P. E. Rutten, Rev. Sci. Instrum. 82, 073705 (2011)

Tip-Sample Interaction

OPS for Deep Nano Interaction

For Atomic Force Microscopy, a 30 MHz High-Speed Low-Noise detector would allow a significant deeper investigation of the tip to sample interface than any other AFM today.

Such an AFM inspires academia, pharmacy, and life-science pioneers to investigate the nanoscopic environment at a whole new deeper interaction level.

Affordable Atomic Force Microscopy


Based on our philosophy that efficient instrumentation is a carefull mix of technology, utilization, and economical aspects we have developed the atomScope.

At the basis the atomScope is a cost efficient research grade Atomic Force Microscope that is supercharged with a 30 MHz optical position detector together with a supreme user friendly utilization.

To aid molecular, and particularly medical related science in its progress, atomScope has a royalty free open hard and software interface allowing anyone to freely explore, develop, and utilize novelties that the deeper interaction technology forwards.