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About Maypa Technologies

Maypa Technologies

Maypa is founded in 2009 by Paul Rutten and since then has supplied innovative technology and know-how in nanoscopic imaging, biosensing, photonics and other related areas.

Maypa develops and manufactures high performance Nano-Microscopy and Optical Position Sensing equipment, and has a track record of being an innovator for products based on a solid foundation of advanced technologies.

Maypa is a world leader is High-Speed and Low-Noise optical position sensing technology aided to probe the nano environment. Maypa and Atomscope technology is designed, developed, and manufactured in the Netherlands, Europe.

Maypa is located in Baarle-Nassau where it has an in house 2,500 sq ft laboratory dedicated to prototyping and custom product design. Maypa applies a model for quick turnaround whereby limited quantities of stock on standard products and parts are available to allow faster response to your needs.

Maypa offers a personalized service and produces standard, tailor made, and fully customized products. At Maypa we support our product quality and scientific research by reinvesting 100% of our profits back into the company.


To speed up the pace of science so that we can bennefit from more developments within one lifetime.


To aid science in its search by providing affordable research instruments that allow the implementation of personal ideas and the shareing of these with the rest of the world in a quick and efficient manner.

Kyoto University
INSA Toulouse
TNO Delft

Amongst our Academic users are :

TU Delft
CSIC Madrid
University of Missouri